Implementation and Relevance of Business Skills Training for Women


Women often face difficulties in accessing the labour market due a variety of reasons such as lack of education, poor economic condition, family and household responsibilities, limited technical skills and social reasons. To promote the employment of women and girls, the Employment Fund (EF) in Nepal aims to include women ...

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Observations and Strategies Regarding Women in non-Traditional Trades


During focus group discussions (FGDs) and key informant interviews, the T&Es offered several observations and suggestions of their strategies regarding the training and the employment of women especially at younger ages in non-traditional trades. The T&Es also said that ten years ago, it was impossible to interest women in learning ...

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Results-based Financing in Technical and Vocational Training ~ A step-by-step Implementation Guide


The employment fund applies innovative approaches to ensure the sustainable and gainful employment of its primary stakeholders. The present guide aims at illustrating the interplay and modalities of these working approaches and provides guidelines on how to apply the working modalities in a few simple steps. It further highlights the ...

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How to Increase Access of Women to Employment Opportunities ~ An Implementation Guide


Jobs are important for women and girls because the income they earn garners them respect and the power to make decisions in their families and communities. The income is important for helping families out of poverty. Yet women often face difficulties in accessing the labour market due to a variety ...

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