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Disability didn’t stop reconstruction: Challenged other people with ability


Makhkha Bahadur Shivabhakti-48, resident of Bhumlutar-8 made house and provided shelter to his family, as he had lost his shelter on devastating earthquake of 2015. Now, Shivabhakti’s families are happy and feeling safe inside the earthquake resistant house. He is a person with disability, as he is unable to speak (dumb). Managing bread for family was major challenge as an unskilled disable person. Seasonal labour work in agriculture sector was only the source of livelihood management of his family.

Shivabhakti was able to construct house after Employment Fund Helvetas/Reconstruction Skills project selected him for 50 days on site training and his ten member group selected him for during training house construction as per the implementation module. Materials collection for house construction was one of the major challenges due to extreme poverty, disability and no additional land other than a small plot. He could build house for his family due to community support for wood collection and no any wages expended as it was made by trainees of onsite training. Willingness for construction and active and laborious nature of Shivabhakti made possible to provide shelter for his old aged mother and disable elder brother of family. He showed a good example to people who said him that he is disable not do anything. While many people in his community who are able are still under the shed after two and half years of destruction, Shivabhakti is very happy that he could prove himself. He cannot express his feeling by words but people can easily understand his happiness and enthusiasm by his facial expression.


Now he is busy constructing house of community people. As he is a skilled mason, community people hire him for constructing their houses. He is earning NRs. 600 per day and managing his livelihood easily. ‘50 days onsite training was supportive both for shelter construction and livelihoods management’, now we are happy- his old aged mother said. Shivabhakti’s faces glows when his mother expresses her happiness on his son’s success.

Shivabhakti’s success has conveyed a message to the society that ‘Skilled hand is more important than the speaking mouth for reconstruction’.


By: Rama Timilsina

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Employment Fund is working for providing poors as free skills training on earthquake resilient houses for their income generation in earthquake affected districts of Nepal

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