“I had not expected that one day I will get training and be skilled enough to stand on my own feet”

Sita Bishwokarma (58), a permanent resident of Gaurishankar Village Development Committee-7, Tasinam, Dolakha district is a single women who has been living alone since last two years. With no education and skills in hand life became difficult for her after the demise of his husband two years ago.

Even though Sita has three sons, they had all separated before the earthquake taking their share of property. Life became more difficult for Sita after the earthquake of SitaBKApril 2015, as it destroyed her shelter. As his sons were away from village for works, they did not come to see her even after the quake.

Sita, one of the participants of the 50 days Skills for Reconstruction training provided by Action for Development, a partner of Employment fund/HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal is an inspiration for other women in her village. Even at the age of 58, she is very active and enthusiastic to learn to skills and techniques.

In Gaurishankar-7, the first house built during 50 days training was of Sita. “I had not expected that one day I will get training and be skilled enough to stand on my own feet. As I had to build my house and had no skills and enough money, the training was a lottery for me as I  not only got the skills but also had my houses built during the training,”, said Sita, adding that the training is very much needed in her village.

During the initial training session, with the help of staffs from Action for Development, she calculated the required and available construction materials. However, only one-fourth of the required stones and wood were available. As it was rainy season, it was difficult to collect the wood and hence she requested her fellow villagers for the required materials promising to provide them the same amount of materials later.

Sita is very happy to have skills as well as house being constructed. “I am very hopeful that the house we have built during training will not collapse by the similar kind of earthquake and I will receive the government grant as we have followed earthquake resilient technologies,” said Sita.

Sita is very outspoken and takes lead in public discussion on reconstruction. She has been motivating the villagers in her community to build earthquake resilient houses. Now as the first tranche of government grant has been released, many people are planning to build their houses. Sita has also received Rs 50,000 of the government grant. Many villagers have promised Sita that they will hire her for building their houses.



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