Success Story – Mr. Dobnath Adhikari

“A changed taste of Life”

Life Before Training

I am from a very poor family. Due to poverty, I could not attend school. For many years I worked as a labourer but I never managed to earn more than 2,000 NPR per month. During the monsoon in 2008 my house was swept away by a flood. At that time I had not savings whatsoever. In 2008, I heard about the training for ‘Sweet and Snacks Making’ and applied for it.

The skills training changed my perception of work

My Gainful Employment After Training

After attending the training I found a job in a hotel at Dhangadhi where I earned 4,000 Rupees per month. However, as that was not sufficient to sustain my life, I started to establish my food stall at the bus station of Kohalpur with some credit from my friends. In the beginning, I had many competitors, who were mostly Indians. By now, I am the only one who sells snacks at the bus station. I earned right away 15,000 Rupees per month what allowed me to pay back all my debts and buy some land in Kohalpur. I am glad that I no longer have to ask anyone for money and do not have to work as an employee anymore. My dream is to build a small house on my land and to extend my food stall. As I am working now, I see a lot of opportunities in the near future.

Age: 29; Attended three months training in Sweet & Snack Making. Training & job placement support by F-Skill, Lalitpur, Tel: 01-5548621

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