Success Story – Mr. Resham Chaudhary

“Like a pencil has an eraser, perfection is never ultimate”

Life Before Training

I am living with my family of six and four brothers and sisters on a small land plot which is not sufficient for supporting our livelihood. Due to my poor economic condition I did no manage to pass grade 9. I am highly regretting that I could not complete school. Therefore, I am trying hard to support my sisters and brothers to complete their schooling. I heard about the training opportunity as a Building Painter through the local FM radio station and immediately applied for it.

By using my skills, my life has become easier

My Gainful Employment After Training

After completing the training, I worked on a wage basis as a Building Painter. There is a growing demand and lots of opportunities for Building Painters, as there is a lot of construction going on in my home town. I am earning every month 6-7,000 Rupees, while before the training I hardly made 2-3,000 Rupees per month. Nowadays, my life quality has improved and I am able to support the schooling of my sisters and brothers.

Age: 26; Attended three months training as Building Painter. Training & job placement support by Associate Nepal Synergy, Kathmandu, Tel: 01-4373451

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