Success Story – Mr. Santosh Thakur

“The magic of my hands”

Life Before Training

I am from the marginalized Nai community. Most of our people are are engaged in the barber profession. However, my skills level was not sufficient to work as a barber. I am from a poor family and dropped out of school at grade 8. My early marriage further added to my problems. When I heard on the FM radio about the opportunity to get trained as a barber, I immediately applied.

I am skilled because I took advantage of the training opportunity

My Gainful Employment After Training

I was giving my best during the training in order to learn a lot. After the completion of training I had no idea about establishing a barber shop as I was new in the field. With the support of the training provider and a credit of 50,000 Rupees from a cooperative, I managed to establish my own barber shop. Due to the quality of my work, I could gradually earn the trust of my customers. Currently, I am earning 300-500 Rupees daily which is enough to put aside some savings. Apart from my improved family situation, I have also gained more social recognition. Recently, I even started to employ one assistant who is helping me in my shop. I am planning to further increase my business.

Age: 20; Attended three months training as Barber. Training & job placement support by Business Consultancy Center, Parsa, Birgunj, Tel: 051-534307

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