Success Story – Mr. Suman Bhujel

“I am enjoying my busy life”

Life Before Training

I left the study after I failed in SLC exam. My family is mainly living from agriculture which is not sufficient for our livelihood. When I should have been preparing my School Leaving Certificate, I was spending most of my time by playing football with my friends. At that time, I used to ignore my parents who ushered me to spend more time with learning. That is why I failed the School Leaving Certificate.

Because of my new skills, I have work in my own shop

My Gainful Employment After Training

After the training, I established a mobile repair shop in a local market town. In order to establish this shop I approached one of my relatives from whom I got a loan of 50,000 Rupees with 24% interest rate. Later I also tried to access a loan from a cooperative loan and succeeded in getting 100,000 Rupees with a rather low interest rate. I am about to pay back this loan by returning daily 350 Rupees to the cooperative. My monthly income is about 15,000-20,000 Rupees and the total capital of my business has increased to 250,000 Rupees. I am planning for increase my business slowly and steadily. The result is that I receive a lot of recognition and respect from my family. Although I have no longer much leisure time to spend with his friends, I am now busy earning a good income.

Age: 19; Attended three months training in Mobile Repair. Training & job placement support by Jhapa Technical Institute, Jhapa, Tel: 023-542488

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