Success Story – Mrs. Safina Khatun

“A journey of miles starts with a first step”

Life Before Training

In my Muslim community, traditionally women are not working outside their household. Also going to school is not seen as a priority for girls. Thus, I dropped out of school at grade 5. I got married already at the age of 15. As I was giving birth to our children I stayed at home with household work. My husband is selling clothes in the street. When I heard about the opportunity to be trained in Garment fabrication, I applied and got accepted.

If I would not have attended the skill training, I would be always in my house.

My Gainful Employment After Training

Garment fabrication is convenient for me as I can work at my house and on my own speed. Whenever I have completed my household tasks, I sit down at my sewing machine in order to sew the pre-cut pieces of clothes, which are brought from the factory to my home by a middleman. Like this, I could already earn during the training 2,000 Rupees. After completing the training a bag factory offered me to work for them. Nowadays, I can earn 3,500-4,000 Rupees per month without leaving my house. Due to my new skills, I have a much better income and an improved social prestige. Other women even started to come to my home asking me to teach them how to sew.

Age: 26; Attended three months training in Garment Fabrication. Training & job placement support by Business Consultancy Center, Parsa, Birgunj, Tel: 051-534307

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