Success Story – Ms. Manju Subedi

“I have attained a life in Dignity”

Life Before Training

I was born in a simple poor family although I belong to the so-called high caste of Bramhins. Due to the lack of money in my family, I could attend school only up to grade 9. Thereafter, I spent most time at home, what did not satisfy me at all. One day, I heard at a local FM radio station about the free-of-cost training on mobile repair for which I decided to apply.

By repairing mobile phones, I have found a new meaning in my life

My Gainful Employment After Training

Although, I hardly knew how to use a mobile, I put a lot of efforts during training to understand this new technology. Slowly but steadily, I began to improve my skills. Nowadays, I am employed at a mobile repairing shop where I earn 8-10,000 Rupees per month. This has changed my life and gave me a lot of dignity in the local community. I am planning to establish my own shop within one year. Furthermore, I want to use my savings for continuing my schooling and hopefully passing the School Leaving Certificate. Like this I hope to be able to expand my business gradually over the coming years.

Age: 18; Attended three months training in Mobile Repairing. Training & job placement support by Creative Service and Sales Center, Parsa, Birgunj, Tel: 051-527821

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