Success Story – Ms. Prem Kumari Thapa

“New skills give pleasure to my Life”

Life Before Training

Apart from the household chores, I used to work as a part time helper in a nearby tailoring shop. However, my income was very low. It was difficult to make ends meet and very often I had to take a loan from my neighbours. I wanted to change my situation and earn more income in order to support my family. However, due to my low educational attainment and lacking skills, I could not find gainful employment.

It makes me happy seeing people who wear the clothes which I have been sewing.

My Gainful Employment After Training

During the training the trainers praised me to be one of the best performers. After completion of the training, I managed to open my own shop called “Manakamana Safal Ladies Tailors”. The customers keep coming back to my shop due to the quality of my produce. Nowadays, I am earning monthly 5,000 Rupees. I hope that I will be able to earn even more in future. Before the training, I was depending on my husband’s rather small income but now life has changed.

Age: 28; Attended three months training in Dress Making. Training & job placement support by Skill Nepal, Lalitpur, Tel: 01-5527077

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