Success Story – Ms. Sabina Nakhetru

“Skill training created hope in my life”

Life Before Training

I was born in a typical Newar family of Bhaktapur. Due to poverty, my life has been a constant struggle. Both of my parents as well as my elder sister work in a brick factory and during days off as labourers on other people’s farms. As I did not complete my schooling, I also joined my parents in the brick factory, where I used to earn 1-1,500 Rupees per month. Then, through some friends, I came to know about the wood carving training.

My skilled hands are enough to guarantee me a better future.

My Gainful Employment After Training

I quickly learnt the new skills during the training and found a job at a local wood carving workshop in Bhaktapur. My initial earning was 3,200 Rupees. As my carving skills will increase, I will also be paid a higher salary. I am planning to continue working in this workshop as I cannot afford to open up my own wood carving workshop. The skills training has been a life changing experience for me. With the newly acquired skills, I am now confident, that I can support my family.

Age: 20; Attended three months training in Wood Carving. Training & job placement support by Skill Nepal, Lalitpur, Tel: 01-5527077

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