Success Story – Ms. Shova Chaudhary

“There is nothing Stronger than Will Power”

Life Before Training

I was born in a very poor Tharu family. I studied up to grade 10 in a governmentrund school but failed to pass the School Leaving Certificate. When I heard about the training opportunity, I went first to my uncle who tried to discourage me from participating as he insisted that women do not need to go for any training. Luckily, my father supported my wish to apply for this training.

Training made me courageous even more so as I work in so-called men’s trade.

My Gainful Employment After Training

After the completion of the training we started together with four friends our own electrical shop. I am earning more than 3,000 Rupees per month from the shop and additionally I have some income from electrical work I am conducting at the customer’s houses. I believe that work is like worshipping and continuity in work will make me prosperous. Within five years I am hoping to live a better life. I strongly believe that women are not less capable than men if they are given the same opportunities.

Age: 22; Attended three months training in House Wiring. Training & job placement support by Kohalpur Institute of Technical Education, Kohalpur, Banke, Tel: 081-541482

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