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Desire to support in building earthquake resilient homes

Kami Tamang (36), from Duwachour 2, Dadakhaur, Sindhupalchowk is the sole breadwinner for a family of five, his wife and three children (two daughters and a son) as his wife has unequal and short legs and cannot do outdoor works. His wife also has an added responsibility of taking care of his 10 year old daughter who was born with disability.

Prior to April 25 earthquake, Mr. Tamang had been earning Nepalese rupees 700 a day working as an unskilled mason. However, after the quake, his life changed as it was difficult for him to find works as people in his village wanted to build earthquake resilient homes.

“I was worried about how to earn living for my family as it was hard for unskilled person in getting job of building earthquake resilient houses. When I heard about  training on building earthquake resilient homes offered by Employment Fund- Skills for Reconstruction implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation from my friend, my happiness knew no bound. Immediately applied for training with a hope of getting employment, better payment and gaining added skills of building earthquake resilient homes,” said Tamang.

Now, he is taking 50-days on-site Mason training. He is hopeful that he will get job in reconstruction projects with better payment.

Mr. Tamang hopes that he will be able get at least Rs 1,000 a day after training as building earthquake resilient homes is an urgent need of Sindhupalchwok district.

He also expressed his desire to contribute for reconstruction process after completion of the training. Nevertheless, he has plan to build own house after earning money in a year or so.

“I am very satisfied with the way we are being taught as its very practical and easy for uneducated people like us to understand. I will contribute in building earthquake resilient homes in my district. I am very happy to be able to contribute in reconstruction process,” said Mr. Tamanag.

He suggests others  not to stay idle rather  learn something. “Once you have skills in hand , you do not have to depend on others. Life becomes easy and the way others look at you changes.”


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